Dec 06

10 Reasons to Have a Written Contract with Your Nanny

The relationship between a nanny and her employers is one that tends to be both unique and complex. Caring for your children and looking after your household while you’re away often makes your nanny feel like far more than an employee, especially if you genuinely get along and everyone in your family has forged their own bond with her.

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Nov 05

INFOGRAPHIC: The Best & Worst Jobs

Check out this infographic by, “Americans at work: Best & Worst Jobs.” At a glance, discover the pros and cons with the top 10 best jobs in the U.S. The infographic also weighs in on American work culture versus some of the the other leading nations.

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Sep 04

Expert Insights: Nanny Tax Myths with Guy Maddalone of GTM Payroll Services, Inc.

When it comes to employing a nanny, it’s important to know what’s true and false. Guy Maddalone, founder and president of GTM Payroll Services, Inc. and household payroll and tax expert, provides some important insight that can help separate fact from fiction.

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Jul 24

What a Background Check Covers (And What it Doesn’t)

The background check. It sounds intimidating, all-encompassing, legally binding and almost invasive in scope. Many people — employers or employees — never deal with them directly, and have only the vaguest ideas of what they really are or what they might reveal. In the childcare industry, though, background checks can be life-changing documents, for both nannies and families.

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Jul 19

How to Evaluate Your Nanny’s Driving Skills

Hiring a nanny can be a stressful, time-consuming process. Once you’ve narrowed down the field of candidates and have conducted a round of interviews, there’s still one crucial hurdle along the path of hiring that you must clear: conducting a background check.

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May 29

Top Background Screening Trends in 2012

With the increasing number of employers conducting background checks, public concerns have arisen pertaining to the method, use and fairness of such checks in potentially barring applicants from employment.

We’ve compiled a list of the most significant trends that are shaping the background screening industry.

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May 23

Wearing Rose Colored Glasses

As a manager within your organization you are expected to provide leadership and direction for those employees who report to you. Likely that requirement is a key accountability in your job description, and fulfilling that mandate means that you’ll have to make decisions that impact your employees – for good or ill.

Bummer. Not everyone is comfortable with that part of being a Manager.

From the senior management perspective, a key leadership expectation is the matter of employee performance review – and future pay (reward) actions based upon that assessment. The bosses have placed the ball squarely in your court to render those decisions.

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May 17

How To Avoid Making Bad Hiring Choices

In today’s economic environment, mistakes are spotlighted much easier than ever before. To be successful, every approach has to be calculated and played like a chess game. This basic principal goes for the hiring process as well. You want the best people in every position, whether it’s for your IT management or HR department.

Far too many people make really bone-headed decisions on those they hire for equally poor reasons. This won’t fly in today’s economy. It’s an employer’s market, but you have to think about a lot of things if you want to avoid making a hiring mistake that could end up costing your company time and treasure.

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May 11

What ‘The Avengers’ can teach you about the workplace

The summer movie season is kicking off, and the first big blockbuster to open is “The Avengers.” It brings together some of Marvel Comics’ biggest superheroes into one movie for a battle royale between a demigod and his alien cohorts.

Chances are you haven’t encountered a master assassin at your office potluck, because comic-book stories aren’t usually ripped from the headlines. However, the personality types on display in “The Avengers” are probably not that far off from the volatile and larger-than-life people you encounter — or hide from — at the office.


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May 10

Think You Can Spot a Fake Resume?

According to one CareerBuilder survey, 38 percent of employees have embellished their job responsibilities at some point, while 18 percent have lied about their skill sets. Other common lies surrounded information about employees’ start and end dates of employment, academic degrees, previous employers and job titles.

6 Ways to Keep Candidates Legit
Use the following tips as you evaluate candidate resumes moving forward:


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