May 10

25 Live Networking Tips

Maybe it’s just lately, but it really does seem like career bloggers (myself included) are writing mostly about the social web 2.0 side of networking.

Today we’re taking a break from Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and others so that I can share 25 tips for Live Networking

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May 09

Get Rich Quick!

Remember how easy it was for Jed Clampett of Beverly Hillbillies fame? One day he was shootin’ at some food and up through the ground came some bubblin’ crude. It was just sitting there, waiting for him.

Take a look in front of you. There’s a precious commodity just sitting there, waiting for you. As the promo I received in my email today claimed, you’re sitting on a goldmine of information. Last I checked, that goldmine’s sitting smack dab on your property.

I’m talking about employee data of course. And the reason I’m sending out this reminder is because so many of the companies that I’ve worked with do not mine their data. When I ask them for data on their employees, they give me their best guess. Or they reference an executive presentation with data that turns out to be more than 12 months old.

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May 08

New Guidance issued by EEOC on Criminal Background Checks

On April 25, 2012, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) issued new Enforcement Guidance on use of arrest and conviction records in employment decisions.

As a result, the new EEOC Enforcement Guidance aims to prohibit employers from using “blanket prohibitions” against hiring anyone with any kind of a criminal records, no matter how old the conviction and no matter what the prior offense may have been. When making employment decisions based on conviction records, employers should take a three (3) factor approach:

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May 02

Can’t You Just Convert the Currency?

It is human nature to look for simple solutions to perplexing problems. Simple avoids confusion, keeps you “on message” and helps create greater employee awareness and appreciation of programs and policies. However, when you are dealing with the diversity and complexity of international compensation it is just not that easy – nor should it be. For those seeking the simple life it can be difficult to understand and accept that each country operates in a different environment from the next.

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May 02

Facebook – Help For HR?

Lies, damn lies and statistics – or valuable research? Everyone likes to get in on advising what HR and job seekers should do, not do or pay attention to on Facebook. Hardly a day goes by without some article – and why not when millions use the system? You have to take a look, though, when a recent Toronto Star headline blandishes: Facebook predicts job success better than personality tests.The test companies must be squirming if no one else.

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Apr 25

Transforming Corporate Culture

How do organizations make a name for themselves, get a lion share of the market, and racked in billions on net revenues? Should they do it the Toyota way by creating a rigid Total Quality Management System (TQM)? Or should they do it the GE way by having a Visionary CEO who will take them to new heights like Jack Welch did in his heydays? Or should they do it the Apple way, by not listening to what the market says and instead create a product that the market will love like a cult?


No. Although they could try any of those approaches and probably succeed, but they missed the crucial element –corporate culture. Different approaches but what made them succeed is the underlying culture behind the way they do business.

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Apr 17

More Nonprofits Conduct Background Checks, Criminal Hits Decrease

Over the past five years, the hit rate for criminal background checks has been on the decline as more nonprofit organizations background check their new hires. A recent study’s, data showed that from 2007 to 2011, more than 5.4 million background checks we conducted by nonprofits and 22 percent of those checks resulted in criminal hits.

Of that 22 percent (approximately 479,000), background checks revealed very serious kidnapping, murder, sex-related and drug-related offenses.


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Apr 13

What’s Cookin’ in Paula Deen’s Kitchen? Discrimination Allegations

Paula Deen. Photo: AP photo

After celebrity chef Paula Deen refused to pay a former restaurant worker to keep quiet, Lisa Jackson has decided to file a lawsuit against Paula Deen for allegations of sexual harassment and racial discrimination. Paula Deen co-owns the restaurant, Uncle Bubba’s Seafood and Oyster House in Savannah, Ga. with her brother, Bubba Hiers.


Deen is under fire for allegedly sexually harassing and inflicting assault and emotional distress on her employees, using the N-word and creating a hostile working environment. The lawsuit comes after a recent wave of criticism following Deen’s public coming out with her having Type 2 Diabetes.

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Mar 02

Babysitters or Child Predators?

Most often, the First Contact HR blog reports on trends, topics and news relating to background screening and other human resource practices for businesses. However, the need to background screen is not only pertinent to companies seeking to screen employees and applicants, but also to individuals and families seeking to hire a responsible person to provide part-time or full-time services such as childcare, elder care or home-cleaning services.

The need to hire responsible childcare providers is on the rise as the economy continues to rebound and parents find themselves once again gainfully employed.  The decision to hire a qualified individual to watch over children while parents and or guardians are absent is one that should not be taken lightly.

The need to screen the individual who will provide childcare to minors is very important and highly recommended. Only two months into the year 2012, and the U.S. has already seen a high number of breaking news stories dealing with unfortunate incidents involving babysitters.

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